Hello Dankness title

Soda Jerk is an artist duo who make sample-based films with a rogue documentary impulse. They are fundamentally interested in the politics of images; how they circulate, whom they benefit and how they can be undone. Formed in Sydney in 2002, they’ve been based in New York since 2012. They have exhibited extensively within the fields of art and experimental cinema, and have collaborated on projects with cyberfeminist collective VNS Matrix and electronic music group The Avalanches. Their new feature Hello Dankness (2022) follows their controversial political revenge fable Terror Nullius (2018), which was disowned by its commissioning body, who called the film “UnAustralian”. The Guardian named the “dizzyingly ambitious satirical work” one of the best Australian movies of the decade.


Hello Dankness (2022) 70 mins, Terror Nullius (2018) 54 mins, The Was (2016) 14 mins, The Time that Remains (2012) 13 mins, After the Rainbow (2009) 7 mins, Astro Black (2007-2015) 27 mins, Hollywood Burn (2006) 52 mins, The Phoenix Portal (2005) 5 mins.